Dr. Chris Hashimoto, D.C.

A resident of nearby small town Almonte, Ontario, and originally from small-town Saskatchewan, Dr. Hashimoto has not forgotten his small town roots. More likely to talk to his patients as if they were neighbours, his approach to healthcare is simple: be an honest advocate of healthy, well-balanced living and treat all patients with respect and professional kindness.

A 2007 graduate from Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College in Toronto, Chris opened his first practice located at 16 Green Street, Nepean, across from Drs. Hashimoto and Gill. In 2008, he opened his clinic in Almonte, Ontario, where he lives with his wife Holly and three boys.

Dr. Chris Hashimoto

Nina Stefansdottir, R.M.T.

Nina was born and raised in Iceland and moved to Canada in 1995, when she came to study massage therapy. Nina graduated from the Canadian College of Massage and Hydrotherapy 1997 and has been practising ever since. She have also worked as a personal trainer and a boot camp instructor.

Nina is very passionate about helping people feel better and specializes in upper body care such as headaches, shoulder injuries and chronic pain that desk workers often suffer from. She uses deep tissue massage techniques and am very knowledgeable in stretches and exercises that help with these kind of injuries.

Nina Stefansdottir